Wholesale business partner for products
from technical rubber and plastic.

Company founded in 1992

30 years of supplying
high quality products!

Remaplast is a Slovak company that has been successfully establishing itself in a demanding competitive environment since 1992 as a specialized wholesale partner for technical rubber and plastic products. It acts as an exclusive sales representative of important domestic and foreign manufacturers. It creates a complete and irreplaceable offer of an assortment of semi-finished and finished products and adds to this a technical consulting service, including dividing, cutting and die-cutting of plastic and rubber materials.

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Company founded in 1992

Product portfolio

We supply semi-finished products from technical plastics for the chemical, energy and food engineering, metallurgy, for the production of machines and preparations for the automotive and electronic industries, for the supply of plastics for the production of doors, logistics systems. Cooperations play an irreplaceable role in the processing of thermoforming PVC, PVC/PE, PVC/PVDC, PET, PP/EVOH, PS films in the production of technical blisters, overprints and for the production of packaging in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Our company, in addition to ensuring the delivery of goods
offers the client a comprehensive service
regarding the offered assortment.

Company founded in 1992

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