Production of plastic parts under the direction of experts

Production of plastic parts it takes place in several ways and we use different technologies for it, depending on the requirements and characteristics of the parts to be created. Here are some of the ways we tend to use the most:

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CNC machining

It is realized using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. They are programmable and ensure that production of plastic parts it took place automatically, based on the entered proposals and parameters. CNC plastic machining is used in the production of plastic parts for various industries. We can mention the automotive, aviation, medical or electrotechnical industries. CNC machines are able to carve and grind, but also mill or drill different shapes and sizes of plastic parts according to specific customer requirements. 

In CNC machining of plastics, we usually use different types of plastics such as PVC, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyurethane, etc. The choice of plastic depends primarily on the required properties of the part, such as strength, flexibility, resistance to chemical and thermal stress, as well as other factors (depending on the type of parts, their planned use, etc.). CNC plastic machining offers high precision and repeatability of production, which means that the final plastic parts are of amazing quality and have the same dimensions and other parameters as other manufactured parts within the series. This significantly reduces production errors and enables the manufacturer to achieve high efficiency and productivity.

Lathe machining

Turning is a process where production of plastic parts realized using a lathe. It is a special machining machine that can rotate parts around its axis and at the same time it is possible to apply various tools for machining the material.

Different types of plastics such as PVC, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyurethane and many others are used in plastic turning. The choice of a particular plastic depends on the required properties of the plastic part – strength, flexibility, resistance to chemical and thermal stress, etc.

Plastic turning is mainly used in the production of plastic parts for various industries, such as the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, the medical industry, the electrical industry, etc. The production of plastic parts is characterized by incredibly high precision and repeatability thanks to plastic turning. This means that the resulting parts are of high quality and are identical to other manufactured plastic parts from a particular series. Thanks to this, errors in production are eliminated, which leads to the achievement of high efficiency and productivity.

Production of plastic parts is possible by a combination of the mentioned technologies, or by modifying them according to the specific requirements placed on the production of specific parts.

Why the production of plastic parts in REMAPLAST, p. r. about.?

– high quality standard of production processes,

 – certified production of plastic parts with an emphasis on efficiency and quality control, 

– use of high-quality raw materials and materials,

– timely processing of agreed orders - flexible and flexible response to the demand of our clients,

– operative response to market requirements,

production of plastic parts with an emphasis on accuracy, precision and reliability,

– individual and professional approach,

– customized production of plastic parts – according to the agreement or prescribed technical documentation,

– modern production technologies,

– a number of positive references and satisfied clients throughout Slovakia.

We strive to accommodate our customers with every order and cooperation. Our assortment consists of several types of plastic parts (both simpler and more complex). We pay attention to dynamic development and the use of the most modern technologies with a focus on quality - it is precisely the high quality standard that characterizes our entire production of plastic parts, as well as the production of plastic packaging and actually our entire plastic and rubber program (technical plastics, PVC / PET / PS / PP / PLA thermoforming films, polyurethane plates and rods, etc.).

Our company, in addition to ensuring the delivery of goods
offers the client a comprehensive service
regarding the offered assortment.