Technical rubber and its use

Technical rubber is a rubber material with excellent elastic properties that is used in a wide range of applications, especially in the industrial field. Rubber parts and products are used in the steel industry, engineering, paper industry, glass industry, healthcare and wood industry. We can also mention the textile, mining, electrotechnical, chemical, food, construction, aviation or waste industries.

Technical rubber it usually has very good resistance to abrasion, scratching, chemicals and heat. Thanks to these properties, technical rubber is used, for example, for sealing, insulation, springing, cushioning, etc. Its spectrum of use is extensive and crucial in many areas. Technical rubber it can withstand pressure, tension and abrasion - and therefore parts and products made of technical rubber can withstand various demanding environments and situations.

It should be emphasized that technical rubber, or its properties can be adjusted for a specific application depending on the client's requirements and needs.

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Technical rubber and its production

Technical rubber it is created by mixing the relevant raw materials in a specific ratio, from which the mixture is created. We then process it using special technologies, for example pressing, injection or calendering. The result is various rubber products from technical rubber.

Technical rubber it can be porous (softer) or compact (hard). It is made from different types of polymers. The most famous include:

- rubber - it is a flexible substance obtained synthetically (the basis is oil) or naturally (milky juice - so-called latex - from the rubber tree). Pure rubber is mixed with vulcanizing agents, plasticizers and other auxiliary substances, resulting in a rubber compound. It is subsequently processed and used in the production of rubber parts and products. 

- neoprene - represents polymerized rubber that is made from chloroprene. It can be characterized as a flexible multilayer material filled with gas bubbles. Their role is to eliminate heat loss and give the neoprene a low density. At the same time, neoprene resists water, UV radiation and abrasion.

- silicone - is a group of thermoplastics characterized by high flexibility even at low temperatures (up to -60 degrees Celsius), while maintaining its elasticity. It is impermeable, non-absorbent and at the same time resistant to chemicals. It does not corrode or stain. It is ideal for use in the food industry, as it does not affect the smell or taste. It is characterized by non-polarity (non-conductive, with excellent electrical insulation properties) and good adhesion.

It should be emphasized that each type of rubber (polymer) has its own special properties and benefits, and therefore it is chosen depending on specific needs and applications. If necessary, we will gladly advise you and help you choose. 

Parts and other productions from technical rubber

Pri výrobe dbáme na použitie kvalitných materiálov, vďaka ktorému sú produkty z technickej gumy odolné, trváce, s minimálnym opotrebením a dlhodobou funkčnosťou a životnosťou.

Trained workers with extensive experience, generous production capacities and the use of the latest technological procedures and modern mechanisms contribute to the high quality of our products, the main component of which is technical rubber. Veríme, že uspokoja požiadavky a nároky aj náročných klientov pri realizácií ich projektov. Dodáme, že zárukou kvality našich gumových produktov nie sú len bohaté skúsenosti, ale aj získané certifikáty. Sme hrdí na našu výrobu na mieru, charakteristickú individuálnym prístupom, flexibilitou,  komplexnosťou riešení, vysokým stupňom odbornosti a profesionalitou, ktorá je samozrejmosťou v každom ohľade.

Pri každej spolupráci sa naši zákazníci môžu spoľahnúť na komplexný servis a odborné poradenstvo zamerané nielen na technickú gumu, ale aj Technical plastics, Thermoformig foils a obalové materiály a ostatné produkty.

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