Production of customized plastic packaging

Our plastic program is diverse and also falls under it production of plastic packaging. We have top-notch technological equipment as well as a trained work team. Quality is our priority in every aspect of production - regardless of whether it is material, personnel, level of technical and functional properties or other aspects that are required production of plastic packaging. Zakladáme si na pravidelných kontrolách a starostlivom testovaní, vďaka čomu vieme zákazníkom garantovať plastové obaly najvyššej kvality, ktorá zodpovedá medzinárodne uznávaným štandardom.

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Production of plastic packaging with an emphasis on usefulness and functionality

We are aware that properly designed and manufactured packaging will protect products from damage or other deterioration during transport. It also facilitates storage and handling in the field of logistics. At the same time, it protects the product from both quantitative and qualitative changes and, last but not least, ensures its hygienic integrity.

In general, packaging has six basic functions - protective, informational, handling, promotional, economic and ecological. That's why ours production of plastic packaging takes care of packaging compliance with the requirements for their impact on the environment. Because we care about nature. And we also care about the satisfaction of our clients. A quick, correct and professional understanding of their needs, as well as the know-how refined over the years, are among the key factors of our success. We pride ourselves on quality products, top-notch customer support, expert advice and affordability that's friendly to your budget. We are pleased with the trust shown by our regular and new clients, and we will always do our best to ensure that our production of plastic packaging nesklamala.

We constantly monitor current trends in the field of plastic packaging, with the aim of meeting even the most demanding customer requirements. Every time, we strive to design a functional customized packaging solution, from the design to the final implementation.

How does the production of plastic packaging work?

  1. send us an inquiry - contact us by phone, e-mail, online form or stop by our office in Šamorín - Šámot.
  2. consultation - we will process your requirements, observations and suggestions. We will then go over all the essentials and details with you and recommend the most suitable solution. Consultations are free of charge. After confirming all the details, we will prepare a customized quote.
  3. production of plastic packaging začína po vašom odsúhlasení.


According to the previous agreement with the customer, we are able to directly deliver already pressed plastics, or just material that the customer will subsequently process himself at his own expense.

Our plastic program consists of packaging materials intended mainly for the food and pharmaceutical industry - PVC thermoforming films, PET thermoforming films and PS / PP / PLA thermoforming films. Production of plastic packaging ide ruka v ruke s výrobou plastových dielov (sme odborníci aj na technické plasty a gumové produkty – technická guma ako jedna zo základných zložiek).

Die-cutting from rubber and plastics

Punching out of rubber and plastics is a process that allows using cutting equipment and high pressure to create parts according to technical documentation. The cutting tool is made of hard metal, and its precise shape enables repeated cutting of the desired shape from rubber, plastic, cardboard, cardboard plastic (Akylux).

This process is used to create templates, gaskets, partitions and other specific shapes. Among other things, the tool is also used to create holes or holes in the material.

Stamped parts are most often used in the automotive, electronic and construction industries, as well as in the craft industry and directly in the production process of various rubber and plastic products, for example sealing rings, clip sleeves and others. This process enables the creation of precise and repeatable parts with high quality and efficiency.


Our company, in addition to ensuring the delivery of goods
offers the client a comprehensive service
regarding the offered assortment.